Broken City Artists is a home for artists who are driven and passionate about fulfilling their potential. BCA was founded by multi-platinum, award-winning, singer-songwriter, solo-artist & producer Adam Watts, and leading percussive arts visionary Mike Jackson. 


BCA was born of the belief that an artist's life and work thrives when no stone is left unturned in his or her artistic pursuit; that if the entire self is brought to what we create, our work will have greater depth, we'll be more fulfilled in our process, and the world around us will be better for it.

Artists Need Their Work

As Watts states, "We're surrounded by art and creativity. Whether it's in the raw beauty of nature or the functional and/or expressionistic creations of man, creativity is the foundation of our shared reality. It drives us forward and enriches life in countless ways. I believe an artist is someone who creates with every part of their being and puts the act of self-expression-via-creation on their short list of basic needs in life: Air, Water, Food, Love and Art.

Our Mission

"Broken City Artists' purpose and mission is rooted in sharing an approach I've used throughout my life, long before I had a name for it. This holistic approach is a multi-dimensional, and highly individualized approach that can greatly accelerate your progress as an artist. Every artist has something unique to share with the world and a unique path to fulfilling their potential. This path is fraught with challenges. I believe, I know, that  artists can be propelled more swiftly, with laser focus, toward the best work with the right kind of mentorship. The kind that truly looks at them holistically, and as a one of a kind individual.

The Four Pillars

"Whether we're consciously aware of it or not, the artistic process is incredibly complex and nuanced. To be a true artist is to mine the depths of our unique psychology, spirituality, our philosophical under-pinnings and our physiology. These are The Four Pillars of our human experience. 

"As we set out to express ourselves, we often run into barriers and frustrations, or are faced with fears or questions about how to best grow and express ourselves in a way that is more purely aligned with our intent. We have a deep drive to get the inside out in a way that feels authentic.

Navigating a Career in the Arts

As an artist who has lived in the tension between art and commerce most of my life, it's become my passion to aid artists in navigating both their internal and external worlds in their unique journey as artists.

"There's this sense that art in modern culture has been hijacked by greed and taken hostage by the notion that if you're not rich and famous, you're a failure. Or that the only way to succeed is to compromise your own artistic instincts and chase trends. We want to help put the focus back on what matters most: the artist's truth. Throughout history it's the unique perspective & talents of the individual artist that paves the way for work that profoundly effects people and stands the test of time.

Trends and posers come and go, but true art and artists resonate deeply and make an indelible mark on culture. 

A New Approach

"We started Broken City Artists to provide a a platform and offer a new kind of approach to guiding, mentoring and teaching within the world of the arts. In my experience true artists have a hunger not only for self-expression but for progression. Artists want to grow and push the boundaries of their talent. This is what we're here for, to get in there and do what we can to accelerate this process, side-by-side with artists, in a way that is truly holistic. In a way that actually works."