The Holistic Approach

"A Holistic Approach to the Arts" is a groundbreaking approach to creating art and being an artist, developed by Adam Watts. This approach helps to guide artists toward their unique identity by viewing their process and result through the lenses of The Four Pillars: Psychology, Philosophy, Spirituality & Physiology. This is a highly  conceptual yet pragmatic approach that can unlock an artist's true potential. Click on "THE BOOK" page above for information on the book "The Human of Being Art: A Holistic Approach to Being an Artist and Creating Art", available now. Click "GROW" to find out how you can book a one-on-one mentor session with Adam Watts and/or Mike Jackson.

Broken City Percussion

Broken City Percussion, Inc. is a nonprofit public benefit corporation whose purpose is to promote creativity, expression, and authenticity in young artists through music and movement. Broken City Percussion solely draws from the compositions of Adam Watts, Kevin Shah, and Mike Jackson. Their works can be seen live at SCPA and WGI indoor percussion events throughout February, March, and April each year. 


Broken City Productions

Broken City is the songwriting, production, mixing & artist development brand led by  Adam Watts. Watts' work is featured on over 50 million albums sold, worldwide including multiple #1 hits across multiple genres in CCM and Mainstream (often with long time collaborator Andy Dodd).

Adam has written and produced music for a diverse list of artists, including Demi Lovato, Jeremy Camp, Colton Dixon, Joe Jonas, Miley Cyrus, Kathrine McPhee, Plain White Ts, Hey Violet and Switchfoot. He's worked extensively with some of the most established companies in the music business including Paramount Pictures, Disney, Hollywood Records, Capitol Records, CMG, Tooth and Nail Records, Sony, Warner Brothers, Universal Music and many more. Watts currently has a songwriting/publishing relationship with Reservoir Media.  

Broken City Artists is rooted in an idea...

That art is, first and foremost, about expression & connection. 

We are an open collective of like-minded artists and arts-mentors who put the expression of artistic truths & the imagination above the pursuit of the ego and of greed. We believe artistic fulfillment and a thriving career begins with authenticity.

Our aim is to help build a community around these ideas and to offer a new, yet historically bolstered approach to aiding artists, via our mentor program, in their continual process of growth. This approach developed by BCA founder Adam Watts is referred to as:

"A Holistic Approach to the Arts & Being an Artist"

We invite you to join us in a movement toward following instincts over the status-quo and toward individual innovation and personal expression over the chasing of trends.

How to get involved:

Connect: Click the "GROW." button in the upper right corner and send us an e-mail telling us who you are and where you're heading as an artist. Maybe we can help you get there.

Explore: Check out "The Holistic Approach" at and discover new ideas that can accelerate and deepen your growth as an artist.